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" Thomas Restaurant " information

■ Opening Hours : according to THOMAS LAND opening hours

The main Restaurant THOMAS LAND . A popular secret is a delicious food menu with Thomas and Nakama's theme! We have extensive menu selections including pizza and pasta, Thomas lunch plate and desserts.
Popular No.1 menu is "Thomas Runch BOX". Original lunch BOX where Thomas was drawn can be taken home! Character menus such as "Omurais" and "Harold Calais" are fun Restaurant .

Do not miss the show which is held every day on weekdays. You can enjoy Thomas and Percy's sharing show in front of you.
(We will not hold it during the month of August.)

Furthermore, the "Birthday Plan" has appeared on August 18!
In the exclusive seat for the birthday plan decorated gorgeously
You can enjoy a cake with hors d'oeuvre or Thomas depicted.
Celebrate the staff with a birthday call as well!
Besides, birthday limited Rosetta gifts and celebrations message broadcast in the garden etc.
Special birthday unique benefits.

* To use the birthday plan, it is necessary to make a web reservation.
Reservation 【【Birthday Plan】 Reservation is here! 】 Click!


How to enjoy " Thomas Restaurant "

Enjoy Thomas the Tank Engine's world view!

Various decorations are given in the wide store, making you happy just by staying! Thomas and Percy will meet you!

Weekdays are holding a show everyday! Besides Thomas and Percy 's sharing show, there are lots of fun elements such as fun chatting with Thomas and cast!

Enjoy with the birthday plan!

"Birthday plan" newly appeared at Thomas Restaurant from August 18th!
Birthday plan decorated gorgeously You can enjoy cakes with hors d'oeuvres and Thomas dedicated seats, as well as celebrating fun with birthday calls from staff!
Besides special birthday special benefits such as gifts of Rosetta limited birthday and festive message broadcasting in the garden.
The important birthday is decided at Thomas Restaurant !

Recommended Food

Thomas Deluxe Plate


20th Anniversary Thomas Runch BOX


Harold curry


Omelette rice


Sukiyaki Udon

1,050 yen

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