A pizza full of flying! Eat mea!

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" PIZZA-LA " information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

The specialty is Tondemina a pizza with sausages that pop out of pizza. The two-piece big pizza “Fujiyama Pizza” has plenty of cream cheese that looks like snow! Both are limited pizzas that can only be eaten at the Fuji-Q Highland branch.

There are also many side menus such as “Mega prime potatoes” and “Popcorn shrimp”. Adults have the privilege to enjoy draft beer with hot pizza and potatoes in one hand. Eat and drink and recharge the power to continue walking in the park!


How to enjoy " PIZZA-LA "

BGM on the terrace seat " Screamer "!?

Terrace seating is a special seating where you can watch slowly " Tondemina " which rises high in the sky. Listen to Screamer refrain from the sky, enjoy unusual eating.

Limited pizza "patty eat" and "SNS shine" pat!

Sausage which pops out from pizza fabric is great force, " Tondemina " of popular number one menu. "Fujiyama pizza" with plenty of rich cream cheese is also nothing else, so if you upload a photo to SNS, the storm of "Like!" Is both volume full, both satisfy your stomach and heart It is confidence work to give.

Recommended Food

One piece of Tondemina

Fujiyama pizza

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