Only here can be eaten! Limited "Fujiyama Burger" is very happy!

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" MOS BURGER " information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

Since opening in 2007, " MOS BURGER " continues to provide unchanged taste. To be loved by all, it is in an after-order system that carefully selects materials and creates after receiving an order. The place where the vegetable bulletin board with the name of the producer and producer of vegetables such as lettuce and tomato is inside the store is also a part of trust.

The most popular is "Fujiyama burger" of Fuji-Q Highland Limited. Juicy & 2 volumes of putty on a volume of plenty. If I ask, I decided to name this as a big and powerful hamburger like "King of Coaster Fujiyama". In addition to standard items such as " MOS BURGER " and "Teriyaki Burger", the side menu is enriched. The store which meets stomach and heart today is also a great success!

The inside of the woody natural taste is a calm atmosphere like forgetting that this is an amusement park. While eating, why not try the strategy meeting of the next Attraction ?


How to enjoy " MOS BURGER "

Even the amusement park "Always delicious"!

Like other stores, it is a system to make after receiving orders, promises fresh taste. I also like the classic menu of my choice, but at any cost ask for a limited "Fujiyama burger".

Share with family, friends, lover

If you share with "Variety Pack" with Onion Fry, Potato, Moschikin as a set, nature and talk should also be exciting. You can use it not only for snacks but also when you are hungry, as a spot to take a break.

Food Recommendation

Fujiyama Burger