You can steer! Rotating Screamer Attraction


  • Screamer point

  • The scenery point

  • Rotation point

  • Height restriction

    130 cm ~
  • age limit

    ~ 64 years of age ※ Children younger than primary school students need to be accompanied by a guardian above junior high school
  • Price

    1,500 yen * Varies depending on the season such as busy season
  • Riding capacity

    24 people
  • Time required

    3 minutes
Available with Zekkyo Priority Ticket


Related information


"Tenteco My" Information

■ Tower Height: 39 m
■ Highest arrival point: 32 m
■ Maximum speed: 40 km / h

It is a screaming attraction that lets you experience the acrobatic thrill while turning the sky by putting the wind on your side. When moving a huge wing attached to each fighter himself, he started moving right, left → right → left, and started moving laterally, thinking that the swing width increased.

Turning the wind on your side, it will be tough. The aircraft repeatedly rotates unintentionally by themselves, and in noisy condition, it is exactly "tente my" state!

Once you start to roll laterally, the acrobatic thrill that you have never experienced lasts for 3 minutes. There are many repeaters in screaming attractions that are different from one another.


How to enjoy "tenteco my"

Just a stroll in the air!

Taking the aircraft attached to the tip of the arm attached to the 39 m high tower, it got up to the highest attained point along the tower, 32 m above the ground. While watching Mt. Fuji which is visible in front of the eyes, walking in the air while turning while drawing a circle with a maximum diameter of 18 m ... It is not a lively attraction like what ....

Uncontrollable! To Tenteco my!

As you can navigate the wings attached to the fuselage, as the attraction name suggests, it is difficult to steer as you thought, the entire aircraft is in a state of "Tentekomai". Repeat lateral rotation, rotation speed also increases, face unknown thrill!

Repeater continuing to "Inner Element"

It is not in "just riding", not by the attraction of the amusement park so far, "to operate by yourself", it can not be rotated → I want to rotate → I want to rotate more → I want to rotate even more ... ... and many repeaters are challenging!