Lisa and Girl Pearl's Mirror Maze ~ Welcome to the Magic Show ~

An indoor type maze inviting to the mysterious mirror world!


  • Nico Nico Point

  • Pounding point

  • Height restriction

  • age limit

    None * For elementary school students and older, more than junior high school students must be accompanied
  • Price

    800 yen
  • Riding capacity

  • Time required

    About 15 minutes
Available in Rainy Day


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"Lisa and Mirror Maze of Gaspard - Welcome to the Magic Show" Information

※ Fuji-Q Highland Free Pass available
※ Children of preschool children need attending more than junior high school students

Mischief-like Lisa and Gaspard invite guests to the mysterious mirror world indoor maze Attraction !

Inside the course, features such as a door looking like a mirror wall seemingly, a stained glass arch like infinity, a mysterious space surrounded by countless balls appear one after another, making guests feel confused!

Inside the maze there is also a photo spot of Lisa and Gaspard that makes use of the reflection of the mirror, and you can shoot a piece of paper that can only be taken here!


How to enjoy "Mirror Maze of Lisa and Gaspard ~ Welcome to Magic Show ~"

A lot of marvelous tricks!

Glimpses such as doors that look like mirror walls, infinitely stained glass arch, and strange space surrounded by countless balls appear one after another!

Lisa and Gaspard's mirror Mays limited photo spot

Commemorative photo taken in a mysterious space! Let's take a strange picture that can only be taken with Lisa and Gaspard's Mirror Maze!