Fuji Airways

Reopened in July 2016.
Experience the spectacular Mount Fuji with all your senses!
Sit in a real flight simulator chair, surrounded by an enormous screen, and take an aerial tour of Mount Fuji.
A sensory experience unlike no other!
Renovated in July2016 with drone and motor paraglider-mounted 6K cameras.
See Mount Fuji and its surrounding winter landscape from a unique perspective, and feel the size and scale of Japan’s biggest landmark in a way never before possible.
Features an original orchestral work by renowned composer Joe Hisaishi, titled "Mt.Fuji." Come along for the ride of your life!

For riding on the attraction

  • Height restrictions

    110cm and up

  • Age restrictions

    4 years old and up


  • Approximate duration

    7 minutes 15 seconds

  • Capacity

    40 persons

  • Ticket

    1,000 yen

  • These attractions displaying this symbol can also be enjoyed on rainy days.
  • Accessible with Senior’s Pass.

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