The roller coaster with the highest total number of spins in the world
Enjoy unprecedented thrills and a feeling of liberation as you experience three different kinds of spins, "the spinning of your seat forward and backward," "loops and flip-flops through the air," and "spinning with twists in it," while you race down the track!
As an added bonus, you'll hang there with your legs dangling, so you won't be able to plant your feet anywhere to steady yourself. This will send a strange sense of being hurtled through the air coursing through your body.

For riding on the attraction

  • Height restrictions

    Must be between 130cm - 200cm

  • Age restrictions

    Must be between 10 and 60 years of age


  • Total length


  • Max height


  • Max speed

    126 km/h

  • Capacity

    1 group : 20 persons

  • Ticket

    1,000 yen

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