The 20th anniversary of the opening celebrated in 2018
"Congratulations and you"!
Gorgeous on theme
Holding anniversary year.
Every season Thomas and the Nakama
Becoming the leading role and coloring THOMAS LAND
We will welcome everyone grandly.
Everyone's debut in amusement parks for the first time,
Everyone's birthday,
Family's anniversary · · ·
Lots of congratulations throughout the season
Changes to the colorful THOMAS LAND in
Let's celebrate!

Enjoy with THOMAS LAND !

  • Gorgeous throughout the season
    Decorations and events

    Spring, summer, fall, winter, and finale,
    Depending on the season Thomas and the Nakama
    Become a leading role
    It changes colorfully vividly.

  • "Colorful THOMAS LAND 
    ~ 20th Finale ~ 」
    Held from 8th March!

    From (Fri.) , March 8th, the finale of the 20th anniversary of THOMAS LAND
    "Colorful season" begins.

  • New Attraction is born!

    Indoor ride Attraction Friday, March 8
    "Thomas' s ragged adventure" opens.
    Became an expedition team, board a freight car,
    Let's go search for trees together!

    Let's make a birthday party!

    Celebrate your child's birthday
    Special plan appeared!
    Thomas Restaurant
    Birthday cake and hors d'oeuvres
    In addition to enjoying it,
    Present of Rosetta · medal card
    Celebration message broadcasting etc. in the park
    There are lots of memorable benefits! (Pay · advance reservation required)
    In addition, free from April 1
    An available birthday plan also appeared.
    Celebrate your child's growth
    Please spend a special day.


  • Thomas Restaurant
    Menu is more fun!

    Thomas Restaurant
    The menu was renewed drastically,
    Thomas and Nakama's theme was the theme
    A new menu appears.
    Allergen correspondence menu,
    Baby food also increases,
    You can enjoy your meal safely.

    Thomas Runch BOX


    ※ Sales start from 3/8

    Thomas' beef hamburg

    Kids' size ¥ 1,080

    Adult size ¥ 1,280

    ※ Sales start from 3/8

    James Pizza


    ※ Sales start from 3/8

    French toast


    ※ Sales start from 3/8

    Thomas Soda


    ※ Sales start from 3/8

    Percy soda


    ※ Sales start from 3/8

    James Soda


    ※ Sales start from 3/8

    Thomas Deluxe Plate


    ※ The design of the plate may be different.
    ※ You can bring the plate home.

    Harold curry


    Sukiyaki Udon
    (With white pudding)

    (Adult size ¥ 1,050)

    Low allergen lunch BOX


    ※ Lunch BOX can be taken away.


    ※The image is an image

    Also, at the Thomas Restaurant ,
    Every weekday, enjoy together with meals,
    We will hold a free viewing show.
    ※ There is a possibility that the contents and price etc. of the product will be changed.

  • At Mrs. Kyndley's Kitchen
    Rupiah's real tea · scones are on sale!

    Creamy soft cream and
    I am selling popcorn
    Mrs. Kyndley's Kitchen ,
    British authentic tea from Rupiaia
    Scones are on sale.
    While drinking tea under the umbrella,
    You can take a break slowly.



    Tea & Scone Set


    Lupician tea



    ※The image is an image

  • Lady Hatt's Afternoon Tea
    A new popcorn bucket appeared!

    THOMAS LAND 20th anniversary
    I am selling NEW popcorn buckets.
    Popcorn Castella set and
    Sodo island software is also on sale.


  • THOMAS LAND Original
    Goods come appear one after another!

    THOMAS LAND 20th Anniversary Limited Goods
    THOMAS LAND original goods
    I will appear one after another.

    Thomas Land
    Dining apron
    2P set


    ※ Sales start from 3/8

    Thomas Land
    Parent-child pullover

    For adults ¥ 4,060

    For children ¥ 3,110

    ※ Sales start from 3/8

    Thomas Land
    Kids Sweat Pants


    ※ Sales start from 3/8

    Thomas Land
    Original umbrella


    Handmade Keychain


    Station staff


    Cross back


    key ring


    Thomas Land
    A fool


    Thomas Land
    Reversible hat


    Parent-child T-shirt

    For adults: ¥ 3,390
    For children: ¥ 2,600



    Clear pouch


    With harness
    Ruck sack



    ※The image is an image

Stay at THOMAS LAND and play! (Highland Resort Hotel & Spa)

  • The first Suite Room in the Thomas Room
    Have you checked it yet? !

    Fuji-Q Highland adjacent
    "Highland Resort Hotel & Spa"
    Thomas room's first suite room
    "Eleventh storage room and Thomas' nakama's room"
    This summer is open.
    This room is "Thomas"
    "Percy" "James" is
    In addition to being the only room you'd like to spend,
    Children's gesturing mechanism
    There are plenty of rooms.
    Thomas room with 9 rooms in total
    THOMAS LAND wonderful day for Thomasland 20th anniversary
    Please spend it.

  • 20th anniversary limited! Present original plates

    Highland Resort Hotel & Spa inside
    At the buffet Restaurant "Fujiyama Terrace"
    Private private room that you can experience the world of Thomas
    "Thomas party room"
    We are preparing.
    You are now in the "Thomas Party Room"
    For customers using Morning,
    Commemorating the 20th anniversary
    Original plate for free!
    The plate is limited in quantity
    It is a little remaining.
    Please take advantage of this opportunity.

I will go to THOMAS LAND ! (Fuji Express Line · Fuji Express Bus)

  • Fujikyu Line 20th Anniversary
    THOMAS LAND 's operation started!

    Lots of car body and car
    I designed Thomas and the Nakama
    The new " THOMAS LAND "
    It is running favorably.
    The decoration of the station is Thomas and the friend
    In addition to becoming a design,
    I get the original novelty
    We will hold a stamp rally.

  • New design
    THOMAS LAND Express
    ( Highway Bus ) Operation start!

    Highway Bus connecting the metropolitan area and THOMAS LAND
    " THOMAS LAND Express"
    2 newly designed vehicles,
    It is running favorably.

    "New THOMAS LAND Express"
    Tokyo station 7:40 to Kawaguchiko Station, and
    Fuji-Q Highland 18:18 by flight to Tokyo station
    It will be fixed operation.
    * Depending on traffic conditions, vehicles may be different.