Fortress of Despair Photoshop

"Challenger's appearance" to one of the memories!

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" Fortress of Despair Photoshop " information

■ Opening Hours : Fuji-Q Highland Business Hours

Boasting a 0.0001% achievement rate, it is a photo hall where you can purchase photographs taken secretly at "a place" within the world's most difficult submarine Attraction " Ultimate Fort2 ". Inside the store " Ultimate Fort2 " original T - shirts, parka, cell phone strap etc are arranged side by side, can be purchased together with photo & data set.

The photograph was taken unnoticed while struggling with "laser beam" which was infinitely stretched along the way of the Attraction . In the photograph taken with the line of sight of the surveillance camera, my rank is stated and its appearance is suitable for calling as a challenger!

Would you like a piece of memory to not forget the battle that can not be forgotten even for a moment?


How to enjoy " Fortress of Despair Photoshop "

One piece taken without knowing!

As many people this is the case, " Ultimate Fort2 Once you step into the once foot to" you also Challenge to one of the catcher over! Why do not you make a tense look like a memorable one?

Original items of " Ultimate Fort2 " which is said to be "the hardest in the world" is under development. Graphical T - shirts and Parker are pretty cool even if I usually go on?


Photo & Data Set