Moment of "maximum falling angle 121 degrees" to one of memories!

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" TAKABISHOTEN information" information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

Maximum drop angle 121 degrees! In addition to ride photos of the world-famous Shrill Attraction coaster “ Takabisha - Steepest Roller Coaster ”, you can purchase original amusements from the Attraction.

Linear launch linear acceleration and vertical roll-down. The “ Takabisha - Steepest Roller Coaster ”, where you can enjoy two types of acceleration, is a coaster that keeps on Shrill Attraction for a short time. At TAKABISHOTEN, you can see photos of your facial expressions on the monitor right after you ride, and you can purchase them on the spot if you like them.

Products related to “ Takabisha - Steepest Roller Coaster ” are also available, and the most popular products BEST3 are “ Takabisha - Steepest Roller Coaster Flyer Koro Cheese”, “ Takabisha - Steepest Roller Coaster Baked Chocolate”, and “ Takabisha - Steepest Roller Coaster Honey Stick Cake”. Please commemorate the ride!


How to enjoy " TAKABISHOTEN "

Ride photo spot is here!

An interesting ride photo spot is the moment when it stops for a moment just before falling 121 degrees. There are few people who can pose with too much fear even if you know the spot. Well, in your case?

"Takabisha - Steepest Roller Coaster" Zammai!

A shop where you can find anything related to "Takabisha - Steepest Roller Coaster". It is fun to change into an original T-shirt and ride it again. Promising "Shrill Attraction no matter how many times you ride"!