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Youkai Collection! "GeGeGe no Kitaro" goods, many!

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If you want to buy popular manga "Gegege no Kitaro" goods, click here! The shop inside Gegege no Yokai Yokocho is a popular shop that not only fans but also many visitors visit. Inside the store, there are a variety of items with motifs based on Comics Characters appearing in "Gegege no Kitaro", and all products are unique and practical.

In addition to sweets, miscellaneous goods, T-shirts, and other items such as hand towels, pouches, mugs and chopsticks that you can use everyday. The popular products BEST3 are “Oyaji-no-Tojiyo-ji”, “Yokai-an 9”, and “Phosphorescent strap”. Without a fan, there is no doubt that you can increase your tension!


"GeGeGe no Kitaro" goods are totally loaded!

The popular manga "Gegege no Kitaro" goods are being narrowed down in the store. Buy for yourself? Buying as Souvenir for family and friends? Talk to the cute youkai before the product!

Also attention is paid to handwritten shop front pop by sales staff who likes "Ge Gege no Kitaro". Please try it as you decide what to buy!


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