Dancing photography station

Make your own "smiley face" a memorable one!

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" Dancing Photography Office " information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

Number of revolutions in the world is the best! It is a shop where you can purchase ride pictures of the Shrill Attraction coaster “ Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster ” that represents Fuji-Q Highland.

Known for its anomalous movements that overturn the coaster's common sense, "Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster" pursues the fear of the rider to the utmost, so the expression of everybody on the ride cannot be overwritten. At the "Dancing Photography Station", all of you all have a close look at their expressions during the ride! You can check the photos on the monitor and purchase them if you like them.
An interesting ride photo spot is the timing when it got to the ground with a large turn from the first drop. Please be careful sooner than expected!


How to enjoy " Dancing Photography Office "

Just watching other people 's "funny face" is fun!

It is almost impossible to be sane while riding unless you are an expert on a Shrill Attraction machine. Almost everyone has a "great face", so check it on your monitor and laugh!

Memories on the “ Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster ”!

In fact the ride was "even people who Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster" of the fear that is difficult to express in words. Everything is told in a single photo taken intensely. Every time you look at a photo, fear revives, so how about one to commemorate?


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