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You can leave forever! " FUJIYAMA " ride commemoration!

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"FUJIYAMA Photo studio information

■ Opening Hours : Fuji-Q Highland Business Hours

" FUJIYAMA " boasting world class numbers such as maximum speed of 130 km / h, maximum falling height of 70 m, final height of 79 m, boasts a thrill and impression like the one when riding for the first time even when riding a number for the first time! It is " FUJIYAMA Photoshop " that you can purchase that ride photo.

At the shop, you will be able to vividly capture the expression of everyone in the ride and you can check the picture on the monitor as soon as you get on. If you like it, you can buy it on the spot, the price is 1000 yen for the photograph.

An interesting ride photo spot is after the 4th drop point. As you can see the camera in front of the right side, people who can afford will decide your favorite pose and show it.


How to enjoy " FUJIYAMA Photoshop "

Just looking and having fun! Another person's "smiley face"!

It is nearly impossible to have a mental state like a daily life during a ride. Almost All because of the people has become the "great face", I laughed to check the monitor. Every time I see the picture, fear revives. How about one a memento?

Also pay attention to the nice pose bulletin board !!

Inside the store there is a corner entitled "Nice pose bulletin board !!" where people who purchased photos and stickers leave a trail of them, put a picture and return. " FUJIYAMA " In the ride memorial you will also put a piece, will you come back?


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