Mania is also convinced!? "Eva" goods lineup selected carefully!

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"EVANGELION: STORE" information

■ Opening Hours: 10 o'clock Fuji-Q Highland Follow the closing time

Specialty Shops "Eva" goods which was attached to "EVANGELION: WORLD". Inside the store, in addition to the limited items that can only be purchased at Fuji-Q Highland we have selected carefully selected items from crazy mania.

Wear items such as T-shirts and parkers, tote bags, original notebooks ... and figures are also lined up.

Do you want to go to the Shops after enjoying "EVANGELION: WORLD"? Or do you want to go ahead and get a tension? Please feel free to experience "Eva" world at Fuji-Q Highland !


How to enjoy "EVANGELION: STORE"

Can be a staff member of the special agency NERV!?

The content of the work is the support work of the NERV headquarters at the time of the emergency declaration.

You can feel it and feel it!

Since it is attached to "EVANGELION: WORLD", after having fully enjoyed the world view of Evangelion, it can be enjoyed as one page of that memorial. What kind of souvenir do you prefer?


Asuka Graphic T-shirt

Original sticker

Other goods

Original memo pad

Kaoru T-shirt

Do not run away T - shirt