Commemorate one of the world's fastest accelerating!

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" DODODONPA Photoshop " information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

It is 180 km / h with 1.56 seconds firing! Acceleration It is a shop where you can purchase a ride picture of the coaster " DODODONPA " in the world.

As a result of pursuing "the world's most accelerating power", it realizes the speed of world standards both in name and reality, and makes full use of Fuji-Q Highland 's extensive grounds for a course layout. A total of three photographs of a ride photograph are taken within the course, about 1 minute of the required time.

The first piece of pictures to worry about is the first acceleration point that reaches 180 km / h in 1.56 seconds of launch. There are few people who can pose with too much fear even if you know the spot!? Because the pictures can be checked on the monitor immediately after the ride, not only their own "smiley face" but also the " Screamer face" of others Confirm that!


How to enjoy " DODODONPA Photoshop "

Ride photo spot Is your company?

The ride photo spot is three places where the first acceleration, one rotation finished, and then the other way through the tunnel. There are more photograph scores than photograph houses of other Attraction , totaling 3 sheets.

" DODODONPA " goods, many!

In addition to ride photos, this Shops has many items related to "DODODONPA". In addition to cool graphic original T-shirts and face towels, as well as “Dodonpa Pink Boobs Pudding” as a variant. Share it to commemorate your visit!