Grill Kitchen MEAT×MEET

Meat eclipse, come and go!


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" Grill Kitchen MEAT×MEET " information

■ Opening Hours : Fuji-Q Highland Business Hours

After hanging around with the Attraction , my stomach is also pecopeco. If you want to eat meat and meat, please go to " Grill Kitchen MEAT×MEET " by all means. In the western style store, the scent of meat baked with iron plate stood, stimulating your sense of smell from the moment you stepped on your feet! Hamburger steaks and a wide selection of menus to fill your stomach.

We also stick to quality as well as volume, such as curry using organic vegetables harvested at local farm. Yamanashi prefecture wines which are compatible with meat also line up. It is a popular Restaurant for girls who like healthy meals, as well as hungry meat diet.


How to enjoy Grill Kitchen MEAT×MEET

Challenge the large volume Challenge menu!

"Challenge Juju Huberg" (2,500 yen), where Bloomy hamburger has been piled up three times, is a menus of deep power that seems to be hungry just by looking at it. Fuji-Q Highland boasts Screamer It is a transcendental menu that you want to order as a reward for yourself to the hero who dominated the machine.

There is a mechanism to invite laughter!

In the Western - style shop, the "inquiries" poster is overhanging with the prize money, and in particular the figure of the "justice side"!

Recommended Food

Spicy curry of ruggolo organic vegetables


Challenge Hamburger steak


Clever meat · combo


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