Doner Kebab

Juice broth ~ If you have hungry belly you decided this!

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" Doner Kebab " information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

I can not fight if my stomach is reduced. As this proverb goes, in order to fully enjoy the limited time, it is a waste if your hungry is empty. but it's okay! If you eat crisply with "Dolce kebab" which spreads mouthfully the taste of rich meat juice, battle power recovers unnoticedly. Energetically able to enjoy time after that.

Doner Kebab , meaning "freshly baked meat" in Turkish, is a snack loved by all in the other side of the sea. From the ease of take-out and eating, here is also secretly popular in Fuji-Q Highland .

Three sources are Sweet (Mild), Medium (mix), Dry (Hot). If you choose by mood, that is the correct answer. Why do not you eat crispy and charge energy while you head to the next Attraction ?


How to enjoy " Doner Kebab "

Volume feeling "just right" for takeout!

As a light meal to satisfy hungry as a light lunch, just a good volume feeling, just fit for takeout! I am happy as long as I can taste up. For adults we also recommend combining with beer.

You think that it is a bit heavy even in Doner Kebab , Fuji Q potato, for short, "Q potato" please. Terry Mayo, Maya Maya, Sasa Cheese, Avocado Cheese Sour Cream, Dokkato and Whip, Beads & Sweets Chili Sour Cream. Share with family, friends, lovers is also recommended.
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