Mt. Fuji x Red Snapper x BORUTO! Enjoy our sweet offerings that are sure to bring you good luck!


"Kanmi Café?"information

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We have original taiyaki with motifs of BORUTO Comics Characters!
The quaint baked in the shape of trapezoidal Mt. Fuji that can only be eaten here is unusual, and the shell is crisp and the inside has a texture like a sticky rice cake. Not only bolts but also you will be satisfied!

Of course, regular taiyaki also available. Using Fuji's water and Hokkaido azuki, without additives, including the royal road "Koan" finished in an elegant taste that satisfies adults, "Chocolate" with high female support rate and "Chocolate popular with children" "Is also a lineup. For those who are not good at sweets, we also offer Hok Hok's "Pig Man".


"Kanmi Café? How to enjoy

Our menu items that are based on BORUTO characters come with a novelty gift!

Comics Characters For customers ordering the menu
We present "randomly enclosed Comics Characters seal"! There are 13 kinds of sticker patterns.

Food Recommendation

BORUTO's "cheese burger taiyaki"

comes with a novelty gift

Mitsuki's "pale moon taiyaki" (filled with white paste custard)

【Period limited】
comes with a novelty gift

Salad "Tuna egg salad Taiyaki"

【Period limited】
comes with a novelty gift


Boiled custard chocolate