Ichiraku ramen

A ramen restaurant based on the frequented "Ichiraku" from NARUTO



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"Ichiraku ramen"information

Opening Hours Depends on the day.
For details, visit the store Contact Please give me.
Ichiraku ・ Kanmi Café? 0555-24-0033

This is a restaurant based on the ramen restaurant frequented in the NARUTO series "Ichiraku". We have prepared many menu items, including original ramen dishes associated with the show's characters, and drinks and desserts with unmistakable show images.


How to enjoy

We present novelty every 1,000 yen of accounts!

One "Narikiri Face Print Sticker" is presented for every 1,000 yen in your account!

Recommended Food

The Five Great Shinobi Countries Ramen (miso pork broth)

Ichiraku ramen NARUTO Ransengan special

(Each day there will be 30 meals with limited edition Rasengan cotton candy included)

Sasuke’s “Great Fireball Technique” spicy miso ramen (with Sharingan seasoned egg)

Ichiraku ramen (miso pork broth)