Dippin Dots Ice Cream

Collapsing & colorful! "Agaru" Ice cream!



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" Dippin' Dots Ice Cream " information

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"Dippin Dots" is an ice cream made by a proprietary manufacturing method which instantly freezes the material by the extremely low temperature of -196 ° C. It is a special dish that can not be eaten at home because it is attractive and has a look and texture that is "collapsible" "smooth" and "colorful", it is stored in a -40 ° C system.

You can be happy just by watching small multicolored plumps, the texture of the smoothness is mysterious and funny! Ramune flavored "Rainbow" and honey flavored "Honey Cotton candy", flavors also rich lineup.


How to enjoy " Dippin' Dots Ice Cream "

It is fun to "replace" with friends and lovers!

Because it is a small grain ice cream, it's easy to compare your friends with each other. If you share flavor in half, you can enjoy two tastes! Of course, you can mix different flavors and eat as well! It is a new sensation ice cream combining deliciousness and pleasure.

While eggs are not used, it is rich and full-fledged taste. You can eat it safely for your child.