Restaurant Bohatei · Kaihotoshingenyakata

No way out! Taste of local gourmet


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`` Restaurant Bouhatei ・ Kaihotoshingenyakata'' information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

The first floor is "Bouhatei". To prevent the waves of Cool Jappaan from splashing, there is a rich menu and bowl dishes here named.

The second floor is “ Kaihotoshingenyakata ”. The local restaurant “Hoto”, which is said to have supported numerous battles as a Jinchun meal, is served at the store, which is based on the theme of “Shingen Takeda” Shingen. In addition to “Takeda Equestrian Army Hotou” and “Legendary Takeda Buddhist Gold Hotou”, “Oshino Tofu” made using underground water from Mt.

Both stores have spacious interior, so please have a relaxing time for a moment!


How to enjoy "restaurant Bouhatei/Kaihotoshingenyakata"

Local gourmet + bowls are enriched

You can spend a relaxing time in the spacious "Bouhatei". Popular menus include "Yamanashi's Sauce Katsudon" (1,100 yen).

Food + Sengoku Entertainment

Opening of " Kaihotoshingenyakata " is autumn of 2015. Not only Japanese but also recently increased numbers of foreigners have been invited to experience the warring country culture and enjoyed themselves and opened as a Restaurant with high entertainment under the theme of having you taste Japanese food. In the hall, we decorated the theme of "Feng Shui Volcano", "Battle of Battle", "Kawanakajima" and "Takeda Nagasaki 4" and in the zone reproducing the atmosphere of "Battle of Battle" I am drawing a battle map of "Fight over Hito". There is also a corner where you can enjoy kinen warriors and kimono.

"Bouhatei" Recommended Food

Yamanashi sauce pork cutlet on rice

W Squeeze bowl of rice

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Food Recommendation Kaihotoshingenyakata

Takeda cavalry corps

Legendary Takeda reserve fund

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