Flamingo crepe

Perfect for a tired rest break!

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"Flamingo Crepes" Information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

From classic banana chocolate to snack-fresh tuna potato cheese as snack, crepe which can be chosen according to the mood at that time is a classic of amusement parks. At the same store, we have plenty of taste to meet the needs of all.

Amazing crepe goes well with the rest time of play fatigue. After taking out your favorite crepe, sit on the bench and take a break. Why don't you decide the next plan while eating a slightly fragrant crepe? It is fun to walk around the garden while eating and walking. The crepes are sold by the same store and two stores in Gaspard and Lisa Town.

The top 3 popular items are “Chocolate Banana”, “Strawberry Cheesecake”, and “Caramel Cheesecake”. What is your preference?


How to enjoy "flamingo crepes"

A sweet moment! Rich lineup of tastes

Every crepe served with the ingredients is delicious. "National sweets" store is always a success.

Lineup from standard chocolate banana to slightly adult apple cinnamon and limited-time products. The store also has a HOT menu.