Crepe Cafe

Perfect for a tired rest break!



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" Crepe Cafe " information

■ Opening Hours : Fuji-Q Highland Business Hours

From classic banana chocolate to snack-fresh tuna potato cheese as snack, crepe which can be chosen according to the mood at that time is a classic of amusement parks. At the same store, we have plenty of taste to meet the needs of all.

Amazing crepes are good with play time and break time. If you take out your favorite crepe, sit down on a bench and take a break. Why do not you decide the next schedule while eating a slightly savory fresh crepe? It is fun to take a walk in the park while eating. Two stores in the store and "Lisa and Gaspard Town" are selling crepes.

Popular best 3 is "Banana Chocolate" (390 yen), "Strawberry Cheese" (430 yen), "Caramel Cheesecake" (430 yen). What is your favorite?


How to enjoy " Crepe Cafe "

A slightly savory finish! Lineup of abundant taste

I make it from receiving orders, so the crepes I picked up are freshly made hoyagaya. All the crepes offered by the commitment material are delicious. "National sweets" shop is always a great success.

From the classic banana chocolate to a little adult flavor apple cinnamon, line up to limited-time products. HOT menu is available at the same store.