Auntie Anne's

Saku! Fluffy! Take a break at specialty store's soft pretzel

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" Auntie Anne's " information

■ Opening Hours : Fuji-Q Highland Business Hours

An American-born soft pretzel specialty store " Auntie Anne's ". Sakuto & fluffy texture and rich flavor are very popular!

The secret of deliciousness is to mold the fabric with the kitchen in the store and bake it carefully one by one. You can see the appearance through the glass with the freshly baked smell.

The interior adopts calm cafe-like interior that made wood grain accented with white tile and ivory color. Why do not you take a break from eating a sweet soft pretzel between enjoying Attraction ? We also have take-out counters to make you feel free to drop in.


How to enjoy " Auntie Anne's "

Variety-rich flavor!

Auntie Anne's focuses on "original pretzel"
"Cinnamon sugar pretzel" etc.,
You can enjoy pretzels with a variety of flavors.
Also, "Pretzel Dog" wrapped in juicy sausage with pretzel dough
We also have a menu that you can enjoy as a light meal such as the restaurant.

Dip also plus according to your preference!

Not only pretzels with a variety of flavors but also dip of caramel and cream cheese (100 yen each) are also available. The richness is added to the pretzels, and I eat too much!

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