Below the rim, shape the idea!

managing section

When you join the company, you will be assigned to the customer service department that is closer to the customer first.

After having experienced various experiences, it is often found to be appropriate and assigned to the management department as the next career.

Due to Fuji-Q Highland aiming to create "the only one 's amusement park", its work content is diverse. Consider measures leading to attracting customers, developing new products to sell in the park, checking / adjusting customer's reservation status.

Fields that are active as "brains" of Fuji-Q Highland are spreading.
People who want to think actively and act actively to realize their ideas and ideas.

The Business Development Promotion Department newly established in April this year is seeking human resources who can develop and promote business in order to create new value as amusement city such as latest ICT technology, digital marketing, tenant leasing.

Business Development Promotion Dept.

【Work scenery in the office】

Since it was a newly created department in April this year, I can experience the work that no one else has done.
What kind of measures should be taken in order to attract customers, what is the optimum design for brushing up existing online reservation sites? Work content is diverse, such as.

The challenge to work in this department is to make it possible for you to learn the process of developing a business, as the department name shows.
"When asked about seniors 'employees' work they are responsible for, they can realize that they are responsible at their discretion," he said.

It is a department in which the qualities as a businessman are questioned, such as document preparation, meetings, negotiations with the outside.

General Affairs Department

【Work scenery in the office】

A department where professionals who gathered careers at Fuji-Q Highland gather together.
Many people imagine that the term "general affairs department" from the term general affairs.
However, Fuji-Q Highland 's General Affairs Department is not on the left. As individuals "professional in general affairs", stick to work with their own responsibility.

Always thinking on zero basis and clarifying purpose without satisfying with the conventional way. In order to show the figure that Fuji-Q Highland should be, I draw the roadmap and take on the role of leading the employees as well. In charge of recruitment in the same department.

"I feel challenging when I see employees who are working lively," he said.
There are also many people who think that everything Fuji-Q Highland likes.

Sales Planning Department

【Work scenery in the office】

【There is also easy production work】

【Communication is taken within the department, I will finish the project】

The sales planning department, mainly in charge of foreign business, is required to have the ability to make strategic planning proposals in addition to communication skills as a salesman.
Unless we know the current sales performance and do not grasp the problems, we can not devise measures.

In addition, it is important to know market marketing, customer analysis and trends in the market.
Teamwork is also an important department, since we are planning and deepening our sales strategy with our team. It is also indispensable to check the condition inside the park in daily work.

Due to the diversity of work content, because the comprehensive power as a businessman is questioned, the more active you move with responsibility, the more comprehensive power will be cultivated.

Distribution Marketing Department

【Planning meeting scenery of goods】

【Goods inspection scene】

What kind of products would you be willing to offer to customers who visited Fuji-Q Highland ?
It is a department that analyzes market needs, planning and producing products actually sold at Shopping .

The number of products connected to hits from the idea by the department can not be known.
"The most memorable thing is that the original item that I made in animation tie-up sold out in a couple of hours," Mr. Osamu.

One of the important tasks is the ordering, delivery and inspection of goods and ingredients.
We are seeking highly skilled communication personnel because of a lot of communication with people, such as arrangements for product planning, negotiations with outside contractors, and interaction with Shopping staff in the park.