Communicate with customers all over the world!

Hospitality department

More than 2 million customers visit Fuji-Q Highland every year.

Regardless of age, sex, nationality, we think that all visitors who come to visit are "leading characters". Supporting the staff of the customer service department who works in the park is indispensable in order for customers to make their hearts excitement, Screamer greatly and return from the heart with satisfaction.

The area of ​​that work begins with the operation of Attraction , various guidance, guidance, safety confirmation, general operation of directly operated Restaurant , Shops management, etc. are various.

The customer service department is a type of occupation that allows us to interact with our customers most closely in the occupation of Fuji-Q Highland .

In recent years, customers from overseas are also rapidly increasing.
It is suitable for those who like communication with people.


【 FUJIYAMA 】 Work scenery】

【 FUJIYAMA sent out scenery】

【" DODODONPA " work scene】

【We will attend customers at various places in the park】

【' Eejanaika sending' scenery】

【" Eejanaika " control room】

As one of the world's Screamer coasters, Fuji-Q Highland has a variety of Attraction .
The staff in charge of Attraction is asked about safety and safety first, the whole support work for customers to enjoy the whole day all day.

Starting with the launch of the machine, we will be in charge of inspection of the facility, general customer response while opening the garden.
It is a job that is suitable for those who like communication with people, because they work with various people.

Where you can move various large Attraction that you can only handle at Fuji-Q Highland with your own hand is one of the fun of this job.
The unity of the working staff is strong, all of us are proud of our good relationships.


【"Lisa and Gaspard Town" work scene】

【" Grill Kitchen MEAT×MEET " Work scenery】

【Grill Kitchen MEAT×MEET】 Taking scenery】

【 Food Stadium preparation scenery】

【 Food Stadium preparation scenery】

【" Kaihotoshingenyakata " work scenery】

Fuji-Q Highland charm of Attraction not only rough on.

As a presence to add color to our memories, we have a variety of diet.
There are Restaurant various concepts such as " Food Stadium " where Attraction motif menus gather, " Kaihotoshingenyakata " on the theme of Sengoku Entertainment, Western style " Grill Kitchen MEAT×MEET ".

The pleasure of working in a food and drink Area is a place where you can act as a cooking staff as well as a customer service.
Often the dishes we devised are lined up in menus.
Since I work with many staff, I can also learn the importance of team work.

Merchandising · Admission

【Entrance work scenery】

【Ticket Bureau Work Scenic】

【Ticket Bureau Work Scenic】

【" SHOP FUJIYAMA " work scene】

【To growing foreign customers to foreign customers】

【 Varieties work scenery】

【 Varieties work scenery】

There are also many Shops& goods that add color to your memories of the garden in the garden at Fuji-Q Highland.

There are only places where you have made a taste, such as a souvenir shop that arranges original products of Fuji-Q Highland and famous items of Yamanashi, shops that specialize in Horror items adjacent to " Screamer / shivering labyrinth".

There are plenty of work that you can proceed by themselves when you become shop staff, such as shopping, ordering goods, customer service.
It is also worth doing when sales of goods stocked by you are sold, display and POP are devised and sales have increased.

Since sales will fluctuate depending on your efforts, you will gain a sense of responsibility and ability to think.

Thomas Land

【Responding to children with a smiley face】

【 THOMAS LAND work scene】

【 Thomas Restaurant ] We will meet customers at the show】

[High touch with customers]

【" Lady Hatt's Afternoon Tea " Job Landscape】

THOMAS LAND is the only outdoor theme park in Thomas the Tank Engine in Japan, located in Fuji-Q Highland Park.

There are 10 types of Attraction in the park as well as Restaurant · cafe, Shops etc. We can enjoy small children and Family all day long I will.

A challenge is to have a lot of words from your child and parents like "Thank you" "Come again" "It was fun".
Since the distance between the customer and the staff is short, you can make the customer smile with one's own performance.

You will also acquire the necessary performance skills for entertainers to serve more customers. It is a workplace where you can feel that you enjoy your work.