Privacy policy

Fuji-Q Highland (hereinafter “Fuji-Q”) implements the same privacy policies as Fuji Kyuko Co., Ltd. and all companies belonging to the Fujikyu Group. Fuji-Q strictly obeys the laws and other standards concerning the protection of personal information of visitors and business partners etc., and implements its own voluntary rules and regime under consideration of International trends. Fuji-Q therefore lays down the following Privacy Policy and declares its continued implementation.


  • Fuji-Q, in order to implement this declaration, set up “Standards for Privacy Policy” which are disseminated to Fuji-Q’s employees (including general workers, part-time workers, dispatched workers etc.) as well as other persons concerned. Fuji-Q will improve and maintain these standards.

  • In order to prevent the loss, damage, manipulation or divulgation of personal information, Fuji-Q set up a “Security Policy” and takes adequate measures against unauthorized access or computer viruses for the security of information.

  • Upon the acquisition of personal information, Fuji-Q implements legal and equitable measures and declares to abstain from unauthorized access. Also, the data subject whose personal information are concerned will be informed about, or asked for agreement to the purpose of their usage.​ ​

  • In case personal information is obtained from third parties, Fuji-Q will confirm whether the information was obtained in an appropriate manner and provides provisions on a contract basis. Fuji-Q will announce necessary information such as the purpose of personal information usage on its webpage.

  • Fuji-Q acknowledges that the data subject (the person whose personal information is concerned) holds the right to disclose, correct, delete and suspend usage of the own personal information and will respond to the data subject in an appropriate manner [WU4] if any of the above is being requested.

  • In case Fuji-Q shares personal information with third parties or entrusts personal information to a third party for outsourcing its business, it will make an inquiry about the concerned third party, conclude the required contracts and implement other required measures according to the law.​ ​

  • The following principle was determined for the specific acquisition and handling of personal information.

Principle for the Usage of Personal Information

Personal information is used only for the designated purposes of collection and only by authorized persons when deemed necessary for the execution of business.

Prohibited Matter

・Fuji-Q prohibits the provision of personal information to third parties in principle.
・Fuji-Q does not that permit any acts that could result in the leakage of personal information, such as its usage for other than the designated purpose, carrying it out of the designated facilities for usage, or the transmission to outside the company.
· It is prohibited for the employees of Fuji-Q to indiscriminately reveal personal information acquired at work, or to use it for unauthorized purposes. This applies also to former employees, and necessary measures are taken to implement this principle.
The following personal information will not be collected, used or made availabe.

(1) Information concerning personal beliefs and religious faith
(2) Information concerning race or ethnos, lineage, registered domicile (excluding information about the current place of residence), physical or mental handicaps, criminal records or other items of social discrimination.
(3) Information concerning the right of laborers to organize, collective bargaining and other examples of collective action.
(4) Information concerning the participation in demonstrations, the exercise of the right to petition and other political rights.
(5) Information regarding health care and sexual life.

About the Handling of Personal Information

​ ​Fuji-Q Highland (hereinafter “Fuji-Q”), Fuji-Q acknowledges that information which can be used to identify our guests (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) upon using Fuji-Q’s website is of uttermost value and will be carefully handled as outlined below.

About the Purpose of Personal Information Collection

For the provision of our services, Fuji-Q might ask guests to enter and send personal information, and collect this information. The information obtained through our website will be handled with care and used for no other purposes than the hospital reception of our guests and other necessary business operations. The details are as outlined below.

(1) For statistical data in order to improve our services and products for our guests.
(2) In order to reply to the opinions, wishes and questions of our guests.
(3) For other cases when it is necessary to identify a guest for the provision of our services.

Display of Personal Information to Third Parties

Fuji-Q appropriately handles the personal information obtained from our guests and will not provide it to third parties without seeking consent of the guest in advance. However, please note that in the following cases data might be displayed to third parties.

(1) When the consent of the concerned person has been obtained.
(2) When the display is requested by laws and regulations.
(3) When it is necessary for the protection of the life, body or property and it is difficult to obtain consent from the concerned person.​ ​
(4) When the provision of information requested by investigating authorities for the investigation of crimes or accidents.

The contents of this page are general guidelines concerning the handling of personal information, and there may be additional content depending on the information to be provided.

Items regarding the Procedures for Requesting Disclosure etc.


When requesting the disclosure, amendment, suspension or deletion, please specify the personal data in question. Please note that the personal information specified below is not for disclosure. In addition, when it has been decided that personal information will not be disclosed you will be informed about the reasons.

  • In cases when the person concerned cannot be identified, eg. when the address entered in the application or documents to identify the person concerned does not match with the address registered at Fuji-Q or in the case of application by a proxy the authorization cannot be identified.

  • In cases when there are deficiencies in the submitted designated documents.

  • When there is concern that it could do harm to the life, body, property or other privileged rights of the person concerned or the proxy, or when there is concern that it infringes the law.​ ​

※It can be that upon suspension or deletion of personal information, a requested service cannot be provided anymore depending on the issue.


Documents (forms) to be submitted when requesting disclosure, etc.
When making a "request for disclosure, etc.", please print out the following application form, fill in and seal the prescribed items, enclose the documents for identity verification, and mail it to the following address.

  1. The application form prescribed by Fuji-Q
    ・Application form for disclosure, amendment, suspension or deletion of “personal data in posession”

  2. Documents for personal identification
    ・A copy of the driver’s license, passport, any kind of health insurance certificate, any kind of pension book, official copy of the family register, citizen identification card or certificate of residence


Request of disclosure etc. by a proxy

In case the person making the request for disclosure etc. is the legal representative of the person concerned, a person under age, or an adult ward; or by a proxy entrusted by the person concerned, then the attach the following documents (1. or 2.) in addition to the documents specified in (2).

  1. In case of a legal representative
    ・Documents to prove the legal representation authority (official copy of the family register, certificate of registered adult guardianship etc.) - 1 copy
    ・Documents to identify the legal representative (copy of the driver’s licence of the legal representative, passport etc.) - 1 copy

  2. In case of an entrusted proxy
    ・Letter of proxy - 1 copy
    ・Seal registration certificate of the concerned person - 1 copy


Fees and way of collection for “Request of disclosure”

  1. In case of a request for disclosure or notification of purpose of usage
    A processing fee of 500 Yen per request
    Please attach a postal money order worth 500 Yen to your application documents.

    ※ In case the processing fee is not or not sufficiently paid, or if the processing fee is paid with marketable securities etc. other than a postal money order, we will inform you accordingly. However, this means a repeated application with an attached postal order money is necessary. Please note in advance that the said processing fee will not be returned.

  2. In case of a request for amendment, suspension or deletion
    A request for an amendment, suspension or deletion will be free of charge if the personal data in question is specified. In case it is not specified, the complete set of submitted documents will be returned and we ask you to submit it again after specification of the personal data in question.


Postal address for requests of disclosure etc.
Yamanashi Prefecture Fujiyoshida, Shin-Nishihara 5-6-1
Fuji-Q Highland Corporation General Affairs Department


Method of response to “requests for disclosure etc.”
We will send the reply to the address filled in by the applicant in the application form. The reply will be sent in general within 4 weeks after the day the request has been confirmed by Fuji-Q.


“Purpose of usage” of personal information obtained through the request for disclosure etc.
The personal information obtained through the request for disclosure etc. will be used only to the extent necessary for processing the request. Upon replying to the request for disclosure etc. the submitted documents will be disposed of in an appropriate way without delay.

Items regarding the Reception Window for “Complaints”

Via telephone
Fuji-Q Highland Corporation General Affairs Department, Personal Information Inquiry Window
(Reception from 9h until 17h except for regular closing days of Fuji-Q Highland )
(2) By post
Yamanashi Prefecture Fujiyoshida, Shin-Nishihara 5-6-1 Fuji-Q Highland Corporation General Affairs Department Personal Information Inquiry Window​ ​
(3) About visiting our company

※ Please note that we decline inquiries made by directly visiting our company. The content of this public announcement will be reviewed if necessary and then officially announced.

About the Storage of Personal Information

The personal information received from our guests will only be stored for a record of services provided, and will be deleted after the passage of a fixed period of time.

About Safety Measures

(1) Safety measures for the protection of personal data from outside in terms of administration, management and systematization etc. are taken to guarantee the safety of personal information and to prevent unauthorized access, its loss, damage, manipulation or divulgation etc.​ ​

(2) We pay careful attention when sending and receiving the personal information of our guests; however we deem it impossible to guarantee absolute safety of data transfer via Internet. For this reason, even though we do our greatest effort to guarantee the protection of personal information, Fuji-Q cannot guarantee for the absolute safety of information sent by our guests at their own risk, or for information received through the usage of our services. Please note that we consider our guests to agree with this policy when entering personal data on our website.

About the Administration of Personal Information

We store and manage personal data and take measures to prevent their divulgation to the outside.