Privacy Policy

Fuji-Q Highland (hereinafter referred to as "our amusement park") has Privacy Policy which is the same as those of Fujikyu Corporation and Fujitsu Group companies. With respect to personal information of customers and transaction-related officials of the amusement park used by the amusement park, we observe laws and other norms concerning personal information protection and voluntary rules considering international trends And establish a structure, declare Privacy Policy as follows and declare it to execute and maintain it.


  • In order to implement this declaration, the amusement park establishes "personal information protection standard" and thoroughly informs the staff of the amusement park employee (including general officials, part-time workers, dispatched workers, etc.) and other stakeholders We will continue to improve and maintain.

  • In order to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information, our amusement parks establish a "security policy" and take appropriate information security measures such as measures against unauthorized access and measures against computer viruses.

  • In order to obtain personal information, the amusement park is to conduct by lawful and fair means, not to obtain it by an illegal method, as well as to agree on the purpose of use etc from the principal who is the subject of personal information, or to notify or publish I will do.

  • In the case of indirect acquisition of personal information, the amusement park confirms whether the provider properly obtained from the principal concerning the personal information to obtain, treats it on a contract, and the amusement park Internet We will announce necessary information such as purpose of use of personal information on the homepage.

  • The amusement park confirms that the information entity (the person of the personal information) has the right to disclose, correct, suspend use, delete, etc. about self-personal information, and in response to these requests from the information entity We will respond appropriately.

  • In the amusement park, when personal information is shared with a third party, or when personal information is deposited with a third party in order to outsource operations, investigate the third party and conclude necessary contracts , We will take other necessary measures in accordance with laws and regulations.

  • Our Company shall prescribe the following regulations specifically regarding the handling or collection of personal information.​ ​

Principles of Personal Information Use

Personal information shall be used to the extent necessary for the operations of businesses, only by those authorized according to particular business assignments solely with the purpose of collection.

Prohibited Items

· In principle, our amusement park will prohibit providing personal information to third parties.
· The amusement park does not do the act of leakage of personal information such as non-purpose use of personal information, take out from the usual use place, sending to the outside, etc.
· The amusement park practitioner should not inform the third party of the contents of personal information that he / she knew in business, and should not use it for unfair purposes, even after retiring from the job related to the business We will take necessary measures.
Personal information that entails the following details shall not be collected, used, and provided.​ ​

(1) Matters concerning ideology, creed, and religion
(2) Matters that include race, ethnicity, lineage, legal domicile (excluding the information on the prefecture), physical or mental disability, or criminal record, and other matters that cause social discrimination.​ ​
(3) Matters concerning the workers' right to organize, collective bargaining, and other organizational activities.​ ​
(4) Participation in collective industrial action, the exercise of the right of petition, and other matters concerning the exercise of political rights and.
(5) Matters concerning health care and sex life

The Handling of Personal Information

Fuji-Q Highland (hereinafter, "our Amusement Park"), information (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") that enables us to identify individual customers in using the website operated by our Amusement Park is considered extremely important and handled with extreme care, as prescribed in the following.​ ​

The Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

In our amusement park, we will gather information as we ask you to input / send your personal information in providing the service.The information we received on this amusement park website is carefully managed, collected We will use the information only for the special treatment of our amusement park and other business necessities and we will not use it for other purposes.

(1) Statistical data such as aggregated data, etc. for improving customer service or products
(2) When replying to inquiries, responding to requests and inquiries from guests
(3) Other cases where guests need to be identified for our Amusement Park to providing its services

Cases where Personal Information is Disclosed to a Third Party

The amusement park never administers the personal information acquired from the customer appropriately and does not provide it to a third party without obtaining prior consent from the customer.However, if you fall under any of the following three Please note that we may disclose information to the person.

(1) When the consent of the holder is given
(2) When disclosure is required by laws and regulations
(3) When it is required to protect a person's life, body or properties, etc. and the acquisition of the consent from the holder is difficult​ ​
(4) When information is requested from investigation institutions etc. for the investigation of crime / accident etc

In addition, since the contents stated on this page regard the basic policies of the personal information handling, there may be additional contents regarding the handling of personal information depending on what to be provided. In that case, please look at added details displayed on each page.​ ​

Matters concerning procedures etc. to respond to requests for disclosure etc.


In requesting disclosure, correction, suspension or deletion, please specify the target personal data to be retained.The personal information corresponding to the following is not subject to disclosure Also, if you decide not to be subject to disclosure, I will notify you with a statement to that effect and a reason.

  • When the address stated in the application form, the address stated in the document for identity verification, the registered address of this amusement park do not match, etc. Can not be confirmed by the principal, etc. · When proxy application can not confirm proxy authority Case

  • When there is a problem with the specified application documents

  • When there is a possibility of violating laws and ordinances such as in case where there is a danger of harming life, body, property or other rights and interests of the person or a third party.​ ​

*if the use is suspended or deleted, the service that you request might not be provided, depending on the service.


When requesting "Request for Disclosure" with documents (forms), etc. to be submitted for "Request for Disclosure", the following application forms are to be printed, the necessary information is to be entered with a seal affixed, and it should be sent with identification documents enclosed,​ ​

  1. Application form prescribed by our amusement park
    · "Retained Personal Data" disclosure, correction, usage termination, deletion application forms​ ​

  2. Documents for identity verification
    · Driver's license, passport, various health insurance cards, various pension books, various welfare books, extract of family's register, basic resident register card, a copy of resident card


Request for disclosure, etc. by proxy

When a person seeking disclosure, etc. is an agent who has been delegated to request disclosure by the information holder, or a legal representative of a minor, an adult ward, or the holder, please submit the documents specified below (1. or 2.) together with the papers prescribed in (2).

  1. Legal representative
    · Documents for confirming the legal representation right (Family register certificate, etc., Guardian's registration maturity certificate etc) - 1
    · Documents that confirm that the person is a legal representative (a copy of a driver's license, a passport, etc. of the legal representative) - 1 copy

  2. Proxy by delegation
    · Power of Attorney - 1 copy
    · Personal seal stamp certificate - 1


Fee of "Request for disclosure etc." and how it is collected

  1. Requests for disclosure and the report on the purpose of the use
    fee - 500 yen for each application
    Please enclose 500-yen worth of postal money order in the application form.

    ※ When the fee is insufficient, when the fee is not enclosed, or when you pay with securities other than postal order, we will contact you so, but we will apply again by postal money order We will discontinue the documents you submit in an appropriate way without delay after the response to the request for disclosure etc. is completed.Our further note that we will not return the fee, I beg you.

  2. In case of correction / use suspension / deletion request
    Commission fee for requesting correction / suspension / deletion after specifying the personal data possessed is free.When you can not specify, we will return the complete set of documents you submitted. Please submit it again after specifying the data.


​ ​Parties you request disclosure, etc. to
5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara. Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017 Japan
Fuji-Q Highland Corporation General Affairs Department


How we respond to "Request for disclosure, etc."
We will reply by written inquiries to the applicant's written application address In addition, we will return within four weeks from the date we confirmed what we have offered in principle.


"Purpose of use" of personal information acquired concerning request for disclosure, etc.
Personal information acquired in accordance with the request for disclosure, etc. shall be handled only to the extent necessary for requesting disclosure, etc. The documents submitted will be disposed with the appropriate procedure without delay, after responding to the request for disclosure, etc.

Matters concerning reception desk of "complaint"

(1) By telephone
Personal Information Contact, General Affairs Department, Fuji-Q Highland Co., Ltd.​ ​​ ​
(From Friday 9 am to 5 pm, except for Fuji-Q Highland closed days)
(2) By mail
Personal Information Contact, General Affairs Department, Fujikyu Highland Co., Ltd., 5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara. Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017 Japan
(3) Visit our Company

* Please understand that even if you visit us in person, we cannot accept any inquiries, etc. directly from you. The contents of what can be announced will be reviewed and announced as necessary.

The Storage of Personal Information

Personal information we have received from guests shall be stored only as a proof of the provision of the service you requested and shall be deleted after a certain period of time.

About Safety Measures

(1) In order to ensure the security of personal information, we take careful measures to prevent access from the outside, conducting the management, operation, and systemization to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage or more.

(2) We pay close attention when receiving customer's personal information, but we believe it is impossible to guarantee the safe delivery of data completely via the Internet.Therefore, We strive to protect personal information to the utmost, but with respect to the information that the customer sent at their own risk, or the information received via the service, the amusement park can secure and guarantee the safety completely Please note that if you enter personal information on the site, you agree to this policy.

The Management of Personal Information

We take appropriate safety measures and store and manage personal information in order to prevent its leakage to the outside.​ ​