Apologies for Thomas Land original parent-child T-shirt manufacturing country indication


June 26, 2020

Dear Customer,

Fuji-Q Highland Co., Ltd.

 Thomas Land original parent-child T-shirt "tunnel pattern"Apology for the country of manufacture indication


Thank you for coming to visit Fuji-Q Highland more than usual.

This time, Fuji-Q Highland in the Thomas Land has been sold at "station shop", " Thomas LandOriginal parent-child T-shirt "Tunnel pattern" (manufactured by Second Stage Co., Ltd.)It was found that there is an error in the indication of the country of manufacture.

The product has two tags, "Made in China" and "Made in Japan" on the country of manufacture. Correctly, the T-shirt is "Made in China" and the Comics Characters print processing is "Made in Japan". I will. There is no problem with product safety.

The customers who you purchased, after having accepted the return, so we will refund the commodity price, but to apologize for truly trouble, in the case of hope is represented by the following Contact Us to the office Park Info I ask that you please.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to the target customers. In the future, we will make thorough checks at the manufacturing and delivery stages to prevent this from happening, and strive to prevent recurrence. We appreciate your understanding.


1. Shipping

Original parent-child T-shirt "Tunnel pattern" Colors for kids and adults

(Manufacturer: Second Stage Co., Ltd.)

2. Content

Incorrect tag at the neck of Thomas Land

Wrong) Sew the tag labeled "Made in Japan"


Correct) Sew a tag of "No indication of country of manufacture"


3. Sale date and time

March 2018-


4. Sale place

Inside Fuji-Q Highland Thomas Land "Station Shop"


5. Refunds, Contact Us information

   Please come directly to the Thomas Land "Station Shop" in Fuji-Q Highland, or contact the following contact information.

【contact information】

Fuji-Q Highland Co., Ltd.Distribution Marketing Department

Phone number: 0555-24-6719 (weekdays: 10:00 to 17:00)


Product return address

403-0017Shintanihara 5-6-1, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Fuji-Q Highland Co., Ltd.Distribution Marketing Department

" Thomas Land T-shirt"

   Please send the applicable products to us by freight collect.

*Please be sure to fill in your "Name" and "Telephone number" when sending it.


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