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Park Info Business resumption

Customers who can enter the park are limited to those living in Yamanashi, Nagano, Niigata and Shizuoka prefectures.
(As of May 25)
* The areas where you can visit the park may change depending on the future situation.

Thank you for your continued patronage to Fuji-Q Highland.
We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the new-type coronavirus and to those involved.

Fuji-Q Highland considers the health and safety of visitors and employees to be the top priority, and cooperates with the East Japan Amusement Park Association and the West Japan Amusement Park Association, which support the park, as well as the supporting companies to establish government guidelines and the new coronavirus. Under the guidance of the Expert Committee on Infectious Diseases, we have established the "Guideline for the spread of new coronavirus infection in amusement parks and theme parks."
Since I submitted this to Yamanashi Prefecture and approved the cancellation of the facility leave request, and got the Business permission,5Mon23We will Business gradually from Sunday to Saturday.

Main items for strengthening safety measures and step-by-step Business
〇 Restriction on admission and shortening of Business hours
〇 Restrictions on areas that can be visited
* Obligation to wear a mask
〇 Advance purchase of Tickets “Online face registration 1-day pass” and contactless payment (cashless) recommendation
〇Recommendation for hand disinfection before and after using Attraction (including facilities)
〇Business restrictions on Attraction
* Part of the Parking is changed to hourly rental

Please note that Business contents are subject to change without notice.
The latest information will be Park Info official website.

Fuji-Q Highland we will continue to strive for safety measures so that our customers can come to our park with peace of mind.
We would appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation.

Please look forward to Fuji-Q Highland which offers a "new Shrill Attraction style" to restore energy to the world.

Regarding the current Business situation, areas (residents) who can visit the park, measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases,From belowPlease be sure to check it before you come to the park.