50th Anniversary! Fuji-Q Highland new hero "super fast Q fighter" appeared!

"Super-high-speed Q fighter" profile

名称 Name: Super High Speed Q Fighter
A hero born to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Fuji-Q Highland Grand Opening.
She practices and works daily to protect the peace of Mount Fuji.
Screamer A squadron against the squadron highlander, a fighter who kicks out something that disrupts order and peace as a "motivated hero" with intense action production.
It is said to have 50 special moves released from a strong body.
キ ャ ラ ク タ ーCharacter composition
 ● Q red (Fujiyama motif)
Q Fighter's leader, calm, deposition, strong sense of responsibility, has a strong conviction that will never forgive the evil.
Special skill: Swing down punch, jump kick
● Q Blue ( DODODONPA motif)
He is a stubborn character who is kind to anyone, and he is as hateful as Red.
I sometimes got scratched by a little impatiently without hearing the story until the end.
Special skill: High-speed strike shot
● Q Yellow (motif Eejanaika)
A bright and energetic character who is particularly friendly to children and the elderly.
Like red and blue, it does not lose hate to evil.
We are weak to handsome and have a lot of eyes shift and are slightly awkward.
Special skill: Rotate punch, rotate kick

車 両 Car for Hero
Name: Q jet