【Lisa and Gaspard Town】 About Parking usage information

La Ville de Gaspard Et Lisa Parking Service

Customers using only La Ville de Gaspard Et Lisa should use the Parking at HIGHLAND RESORT Hotel & Spa.
※ From 21st January 2019 (Monday), customer Parking using Lisa and Gaspar is changed.

A charge
30 minutes ... Free
30 minutes - 1 hour ... 500 yen
Every hour after that ... 500 yen

■ We can receive parking fee service according to usage fee.
La Ville de Gaspard Et Lisa Store 1 account free of charge for 2,000 yen or more for 2 hours (cannot be combined)
HIGHLAND RESORT Hotel & SpaParking is, Fuji-Q Highland of Parking and because of different entrance, please check before visiting.
* To receive the above service, a parking ticket is required. Please be sure to bring it, please hand it to the staff at the time of accounting.
※ Fuji-Q Highland Parking is also available, but the above service etc. can not be accepted.

Detailed parking fee is herewww.fujiq.jp/ticket/parking.html