Regular holiday of food and drink facilities

Food parks in Fuji-Q Highland Park are closed as follows.

■ Period: November 27 (Tuesday) to December 21 (Fri) of Heisei 30
Closed holiday: · Kure - Pinto (Thu)
· Doner Kebab weekday
※ Saturday and Sunday
· Monza Chaya Weekday※ Saturday and Sunday
· Lisa and Gaspard Town inside Panini weekday ※ Saturdays and Sundays sales
※ Dippin Dots, Po Q Corn · Movement Sales Orange Car is closed during the period

■ Period: ~ until the beginning of February 2019
※ If there is a change News will be.
· Doner Kebab (fire), (water)
· Dippin Dots Weekday ※ Saturday, Sunday and public holidays sales
· Mt. Fuji Tea House Weekday ※ Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays Business
· Mobile sales Orange car weekdays ※

· There is no regular holiday Restaurant .
· It is subject to change due to reasons such as weather.