I started with a child switch card

I started Child Switch Card!

We have started a system that allows the attendant to use the Attraction alternately with a one-time waiting time when accompanied by an infant who cannot use the Attraction.
Even families with small children can enjoy 4 large coasters.

<Terms of use>
● You have a free pass for the whole family.
● To be a family including infants' children (not to be elementary school students).

<Target Attraction >
All 4 models
FUJIYAMA , Takabisha , Eejanaika , DODODONPA

<Distribution location>
Each Attraction photo gallery
● FUJIYAMA ( Varieties 2nd floor)
● Takabisha (exit shop)
● Eejanaika (outlet shop)
● DODODONPA (entrance side of Zekkyo Priority Ticket )

<How to use child switches>
(1) If you have a free pass, please come to the Attraction photo gallery by all and tell the staff of the photo studio the use of the child switch card.
(2) Get on the first half
AttendantPlease line up in the normal queue and present this card to the staff at the landing.
(3)Attraction after the ride, it is riding in the second halfAttendantPlease give this card to you.
(4) Get on the second halfAttendantProceed from the Zekkyo Priority Ticket lane and hand this card to the staff at the landing.

You can use it only for family groups that include infants' children.
※ However, the condition that all family members have free pass
● The child switch card is effective only for the designated Attraction .
● The boarding of Attraction by this ticket is done once per person.
● Child switch card is valid only once on issue day. In addition, it can not be transferred to anyone other than paid, free of charge.
● Get on the second halfAttendantThe maximum number of people in the group is 2 people.
● Attraction are subject to suspension due to bad weather etc. without notice.
In that case the child switch card will be invalid.
Even if you lose, please note that reissue can not be done at all.
● The boarding receipt using this ticketAttraction up to 1 hour before closing business.
When time passes, the child switch card becomes invalid.
Also, if you can not get on the bus at least 1 hour before closing Attraction,
Please note that we can not accept child switch cards in advance.
● Can not be used in conjunction with Zekkyo Priority Ticket .