【Lisa and Gaspart Town】 About busy period fee for private Parking service

Busy period fee for Lisa and Gaspar Town private Parking service

Private Parking service of Lisa and Gaspar Town will be busy period fee for the following period, so please note.
Period: Sunday, July 14, 2018 - Sep.2 (Sunday)
Contents: Lisa and Gaspard Town store 1 Account 2 hours service with over 2,000 yen service (can not be added)
In addition, + 1 hour service by using FUJIYAMA MUSEUM
※ Maximum 3 hours free

The entrance to Lisa and Gaspard Town private Parking is different from that of Fuji-Q Highland Parking , so please check before visiting.

(1) Set car navigation system to " FUJIYAMA ONSEN "
(2) FUJIYAMA ONSEN straight on entrance of the Parking (direction of white wall)

(3) Pass through the FUJIYAMA MUSEUM sideways
(4) Please pick up the parking ticket at the gate