About Japan's first introduction of "WeChat online ticket"

WeChat online ticket "service which can purchase tickets within the Chinese communication application" WeChat "said that the number of users exceeded 1 billion people in the world for the first time in Japan.

■ Sales start:
平成30421Sunday (Saturday)

■ Sales content:
(1) Fuji-Q Highland Free Path (Entry + Unlimited Ride)

grown up5,300Yen, Teenagers4,900Yen(3Talent ~ elementary school student)4,100yen

* Normal window counter rate Adult5,700Yen, Teenagers5,200Yen4,300yen
(2)2018Fuji Shiba cherry-blossom festival admission ticket

grown up550Yen(3Talent ~ elementary school student)230yen
* Normal window counter rate Adult600Yen250yen

■ How to Purchase :
Fujikyu Group OfficialWeChatFrom account

Or please access and purchase the Fujikyu Group official mini program.

WeChatYou and your smartphoneWechatpayWe are limited to those who cooperate.

■ How to use:
(1) Fuji-Q Highland Free Pass

Acquired at time of purchaseQRThe code is installed at each entrance of Fuji-Q HighlandQRPlease hold over the code reader and exchange for a ticket.

(2)2018Fuji Shiba cherry-blossom festival admission ticket

Please present your electronic smart screen of smartphone to attendants at entrance.