Go to Thomas Land by train or bus!


A train designed by the body "Thomas the Tank Engine and the Nakama" running on the Fuji Express Line every day.
There are also "Kids' Cab" and "Thomas · Percy Chair" in the train!
Let's take a train trip slowly, riding the THOMAS LAND issue.
※ We will stop at Ogetsu to Kawaguchiko at each station.

Fuji Express Line Fuji Station Station Tel: 0555-22-7133

THOMAS LAND Express (bus)

Highway Bus designed car body with illustration of "Thomas the Tank Engine and Nakamachi".
Only the following flights arriving and departing from Tokyo station are operated by fixed diamonds.
① Tokyo station Yaesu South Exit (7:40 departure) ⇒ Tokyo station Yaesu North Exit Steel Building (7:45 departure) ⇒ Fuji-Q Highland (arrive at 9:35)
② Fuji-Q Highland (departs at 18:18) ⇒ Tokyo station Nihonbashi mouth (arrives at 20:05)
Telephone: Fujikyu Call Center 0570-022956 (7: 30-20: 00)
※ Please tell us that you are booking Thomas Land Express first.
WEB: Departure Orionet
* Depending on traffic conditions it may be unavoidable to operate on vehicles other than THOMAS LAND Express.
* Total 4 THOMAS LAND Express operates mainly in the route to and from Tokyo, but there is no fixed dialing service other than the above flights.
Also, the design of the body of the flight to operate is random, so you can not specify it.
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For details, click here ⇒http://thomas20th.fujiq.jp/