Not just Fuji-Q Highland! Enjoy the Mt. Fuji Park Area! !

In addition to Fuji-Fuji-Q Highland there is plenty of fun in the Mt. Fuji Park Area! Enjoy various Mt. Fuji as much as you can! !

~ Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji Panorama Ropeway

360 degree panorama! Mt. Fuji overlooking the observatory

~ Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji About the panorama ropeway, in detailHere

Kawaguchiko Pleasure Boat "Appare"

The motif is the "Navy" Atakebune, which belonged to the Kai Takeda army during the Warring States period.
Pure Japanese style pleasure boat

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Futamaaki Hole · Narusawa Ice Hole

Lava cave of natural monument

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Pleasure boat "Moguran"

Let's go around Lake Motosu with a submarine peep window!


About the pleasure boat "Meguran" in detailHere

Mt. Fuji Fifth Fujikyu Unzenkaku

Fuji climbing base camp


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Oshino Shinobi no Sato

Ninja theme village near World Cultural Heritage "Oshino Hakkai"


About Oshino Shinobi no SatoHere


A bus journey running amphibiously watching Fuji


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The finest hot spring that springs up to Fuji



Let's enjoy world heritage Fuji! !