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Fuji-Q Highland

9:00 to 20:00

Thomas Land

9: 00 ~ 18: 00

La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa

9:00 to 20:00


Which is a popular Attraction at Fuji-Q Highland?

Popular Attraction ranking BEST7

Attraction ranking of Fuji-Q Highland! If you come to Fujikyu, you can't remove this! Introducing the popular Attraction to 7th place!

1st place Fujiyama - King of Coasters

This is exactly the “King of Coaster”.
The maximum speed is 130km and the maximum head is 70m!
We can overlook wonderful scenery of Mount Fuji and Fuji-Q Highland!

2nd highest Takabisha - Steepest Roller Coaster

The world's scariest coaster with a falling angle of 121 degrees!
Sudden acceleration, 7 rotations, and a drop of 121 degrees like a circle are exactly Shrill Attraction!

3rd place Do-Dodonpa- Fastest Roller Coaster

Are you ready for your heart?
Reach 180km / h in 1.56 seconds! The world's No.1 acceleration power that can only be tasted here!
Furthermore, rush into the world's largest loop at intense speed!
Come on for an experience that has no time to breathe!

# 4 Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster

Dive upside down from the highest point 76m above the ground!
And turn around back and forth! That's 14 times! !
Ride on a mysterious experience where you don't know where you are!

5th place Naruto Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage 3D Shooting Ride

Naruto × BORUTO Comics Characters
Aim and shoot with the Ninjutsu Gun provided for the ride!
Finally, know your aptitude for sneaking in according to your score!
Let's compete for scores in groups!

No. 6 Fuji Airways - 4D Ride

No problem even on the day you can't see Mt. Fuji!
Experience the immersive Mt. Fuji and the changing seasons with your five senses while flying in the air!

7th place Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear - Haunted Hospital

This is the longest & most feared Horror attraction house in history.
There are a lot of people who retire on the way from the hair of the body!
On the way, there are many mechanisms that stimulate not only the visual sense but also the five senses!
Can you clear! ?


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