Explain how to use face recognition system!

Entry / exit / Attraction boarding
Introducing the flow of face authentication with animation

Fuji-Q Highland introduces face authentication system from July 14, 2018!
You can register your face picture at the entrance and you can board the Attraction by face pass.
(All entrants above elementary school age)

This time we introduce the flow of face authentication with animation!
If you face the face authentication system before going to Fuji Q,
There is no doubt that you will be glad at people going along ...! What?

1. Face authentication when entering / leaving Fuji-Q Highland

2. Face authentication when boarding an Attraction

If you watched the video,
You should not be troubled like Dodonpa · Pink!

Can you experience just a near future with a face authentication system? Fuji-Q Highland ,
We are waiting for everyone's visit.

For details on face authentication entranceHere
Enter the park without lining up at the Tickets window! For more information on E-ticketsHere