How to enjoy Thomas Land?

Thomas Land, the only outdoor theme park in Japan at Thomas the Fuji-Q Highland Park.
Customers with small children and Family pregnant customers, 3 generations can also use it with confidence.
There are 10 types of Attraction in the park, Restaurant · cafe, Shops etc. We can enjoy it all day. Because nursing room and toilets for children are enriched, papa mama is safe too!

Introducing a day course that you can enjoy in Thomas Land!


Let's go get on Thomas's train! I am full of energy from the morning. Make lots of fun memories!

Arrived at Thomas Land! I will play a lot!

When passing through the commemorative photo entrance in front of Thomas Monument , the big Thomas welcomed you soon.


To the most popular paste “ Thomas and Percy's Fun Ride ”!
Together with Thomas, Sodo is a great adventure! I can also meet lots of Thomas' friends.


Delicious lunch at " Thomas Restaurant "! After having a ride, enjoy lunch time!
Let's all eat Thomas plate and Thomas curry for our whole family.
In addition to Restaurant, Thomas Land is replete with facilities that are friendly to mothers and children, such as nursing rooms, baby rooms, and children's toilets.


Go to "Pock'n Roll Duncan"! Let's go on a trip to enjoy a little thrill with Duncan.

" GO! GO! Bulstrode " is stormed by the wild waves and it's harako! Let's play dynamically with violent Barstroad.


Snack eat take a break ...... popcorn and sponge cake ...... Thomas Land full of delicious snack to.


Ride Thomas, Percy, and James in "Thomas' Happy Smile"! Look around Thomas Land while lapping slowly.




Yes! I will come and see you again! I played all day and have lots of fun memories. Also come and see Thomas and the aliens any time.