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Let's go ride the Thomas! Special collaboration with Oigawa Railway realized

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Thomas Land x Oigawa Railway "Kikansha Thomas"
Introducing a plan that allows you to fully enjoy the world of Thomas!

"Thomas Land use" + "Kikansha Thomas ride" + "Maintenance factory tour" + "Kawane Onsen hotel accommodation" and other special tours are now available!
Introducing a luxurious tour plan for 1 night and 2 days.

\ 1 night 2 days / Special tour to enjoy the world view of Thomas


Special tour to enjoy the world of Thomas


(First day)
Mishima Station North Exit ⇒ Fuji-Q Highland ⇒ Kawane Onsen Hotel (night)
(the 2nd day)
Kawane Onsen Hotel ⇒ South Alps Apto Line Ride ⇒ Thomas Fair Tour ⇒ Kikansha Thomas Ride ⇒ Kikansha Thomas Maintenance Factory Tour ⇒ Shizuoka Station

Selling price
grown up
elementary school student
Infant (over 1 year old)
0 year old

About the Kikansha Thomas

The only one in Asia that operates the Kansha Thomas for a limited time every year on the Oigawa Railway.
Inside the train, Thomas will guide you to "the highlights and pride of the railway lines" and "notes on train operation". The cheerful voice of "I, Thomas !!" will surely excite your child, so don't miss it.