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Announcement in the park was renewed

Announcement featuring popular voice actor Yuki Kaji

This summer, there will be new announcements in the park.
There are a wide variety of announcements that can be played.In addition to announcements about the opening of the park, there are calls at the time of departure from the Attraction and alerts at the queue, guidance on using the amusement park, recommended introduction of meals and Souvenir, as well as on closing days and in bad weather. There are about 220 kinds in total, including rare ones that can only be heard.

Announcers on TV Shizuoka, including voice actor Yuki Kaji ("Attack on Titan (Ellen Yeager)", "The Seven Deadly Sins (Meliodas)", "My Hero Academia" (Todoroki Shoto), etc.) We will hire three people, Hanae Kitamura, who is active as a member, and NHK English education program, and Jerry Sorres who is active on TV and radio.

Yuki Kaji

Debuted as a voice actor in 2004.
The main appearance work is TV animation "Attack on Titan" (Ellen Jager),
"Seven Deadly Sins" (Meliodas), "My Hero Academia" (Todoroki Shoto), "PSYCHO-PASS3" (Shinden Kaohsiung), "Ahiru no Sora" (Kurumaya Sora) and many others.
Received the Best Actor Award for the Voice Actor Award for the second consecutive year in 2012 and 2013.
In addition to his voice work, he has been active in a wide range of fields such as appearing on stage, in news reports and programs.
In May 2018, he published his book "Someday Everything Will Help You", and in 2019 the comicalized book will be released.
In 2020, she developed her own original apparel brand "en.365° Ensanbya Kurojujugod".
From May of the same year, she has expanded the playing field by playing the role of Kenichi Tsumiki, the main character in the serial TV drama "Pipuru-We started living with AI" on WOWOW.

Hanae Kitamura (TV Shizuoka announcer)

[Program in charge]
TV Terakoya (Sunday 6:30-7:00) MC
TV now (Monday-Friday 16:45-19:00)
Tuesday corner "Hanae Kitamura's Living Navi" reporter

Jerry Sorres (narrator, copywriter, writer)

Appearance history
[TV] CXTV Hiroshi Ogawa, NHK 600 Reporter for information section
NTV Yu Hayami's American Kids (Popup and Garrison)
TBS Eikko (Mimi)
NHK 1991-1998 Play in English


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