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"GOGO drive plan" is now available!

This year, Fuji-Q Highland, which goes by highway, is the most recommended!

"GOGO Drive Plan", a value-added set plan that combines a highway round-trip pass (highway discount) and a Fuji-Q Highland 1-day pass (2 adults, 3 people, 4 people), is now available this summer!
It is a set product that is full of charm, such as about 40% discount on highways. This year, Fuji-Q Highland is a great value for going out with your own car or rental car!

↓For details, check the special page of NEXCO Central Japan! ↓

What is the implementation period and usage period?

The implementation period is from July 18, 2020 (Saturday) to December 25, 2020 (Friday). Not only summer vacation but also autumn holidays and winter vacations are available.
The period of use is within two consecutive days from the departure date, so you can use it for one night trip or one day trip.
*However, applications that include the period of use from August 7, 2020 (Friday) to August 16, 2020 (Sunday) cannot be accepted.

How good is it?

This plan is mainly prepared in three patterns depending on the departure Park Area, but here are two typical plans.

Usage example (1): When arriving and departing at Takaido IC on Chuo Expressway

Round trip from Takaido IC to Lake Kawaguchi IC

Normal charge Expressway: 5,280 yen + 1-day pass 2 people: 12,400 yen = 17,680 yen
This plan Round pass: 3,100 yen + 1-day pass 2 people: 11,000 yen = 14,100 yen

Save 3,580 yen! !!

*This is an example of charges when using an ETC ordinary car/daytime car. When using the Shuto Expressway, a separate Shuto Expressway fare is required.

Usage example (2): Tomei Yokohama Machida IC departure/arrival

Yokohama Machida IC → Gotemba IC / Subashiri IC → Fujiyoshida IC round trip

Regular fare Expressway: 6,120 yen + 1-day pass 2 people: 12,400 yen = 18,520 yen
This plan Round pass: 2,300 yen + 1-day pass 2 people: 11,000 yen = 13,300 yen

Save 5,220 yen! !!

*This is an example of charges when using an ETC ordinary car or during the day.

Fuji-Q Highland INFORMATION in summer

Fuji-Q Highland is full of new facilities and events in the summer!
Enjoy Fuji-Q Highland safely with your own car.
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