Countdown Live 2018

\ Fuji-Q Highland Countdown Live 2018 /

At Fuji-Q Highland where entrance became free
New Year's Eve ancient countdown live performance!
Let's conclude with Yoshimoto's popular artist with a laugh at the year 2018!


Date of opening
December 31, 2018 (New Year's Eve)
23: 00 ~ 24: 15 (planned)
FUJIWARA Hara west (MC)
Kimura Yu (Assistant)
Silver chari, chocolate planet,
Regular, plus / minus,
GO Minagawa
Fuji-Q Highland inside mud mouse front special stage
■ Charge
Free entrance / viewing
■ Viewing method
Standing Area (first-come-first-served basis)
Seating Area (lot drawing, free)
To apply for a lottery,
Only members of the free Fuji-Q Fuji-Q Highland Merumaga "CLUB Fuji Q" can apply.

<Lottery acceptance period>
CLUB Fuji Q membership
From Saturday, December 8 (Sat) to 14th December (Friday)
※ You can apply up to 4 cards per member
※ Seats will be designated in advance

■ Information on Fuji Express Line Special Train
Fuji-Q Highland Station 0:30
Otsuki arrival: 1: 22
* We will stop at each station until Otsuki.

FUJIWARA Hara west (MC)

Silver Shari
(M-1 Grand Prix 2016 Champion)

Chocolate Planet
(King of Continue 2018 finalist)


Plus or minus

GO Minagawa

Kimura Yu (Assistant)

Fuji-Q Highland Presents
Please expect it at Heisei last countdown event!