Digicew with Fuji!

■ Under the superb view of Mt. Fuji "Digicew with Fuji Queu !!"

"DIQUEQUE BBQ & STEAK" which can enjoy BBQ by hand in the garden collaborates with the barbecue platform service "DIQUEQUE" which realizes the enjoyment of the barbecue "more closely, easily"!

On the terrace seat boasting of " Screamer view" that is not ocean view,
Everyone can enjoy enjoying "BBQ with hand-held" "No equipment required", "No preparation for charcoal", "Preparation of food ingredients unnecessary", one of the attractions of the digicew.(※ It corresponds to rain)
For detailed menus and reservation details, please check "Digique BBQ & STEAK".
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【Outline of BBQ & STEEAK】
■ Location Food Stadium 2nd Floor
■ Opening Hours 10: 00 ~ 18: 00 ※ Fuji-Q Highland Opening Hours according
■ Business Period September 8 (Sat) Heisei 20 to November 11 (Sun) Heisei 30
■ Number of seats 44 Table 176 (terrace seat)