Fuji Ramen Showdown! 2018 Autumn's team

Famous ramen shops nationwide appear one after another! !

Period of implementation: September 7 (Fri) - November 4 (Sun) Heisei 30
Venue: within Fuji-Q Highland Restaurant Bohatei
Fee: 900 yen (tax included)
※ There is a limited quantity. Please understand that it will be closed as soon as we plan to sell it.
※ Ramen image of each store is an image.

First Round September 7th (Friday) to September 20th (Thursday)
Luxurious seafood series ramen showdown

● Salt buckwheat buckwheat noodle "Sea salt salad noodles"
Ramen Fierce Battlefield · Fuji-Q Highland first opening in Tokyo Shinjuku ! Tempo noodle noodle in the signboard menu is the only confidence work of you! Exquisite sea bream salad noodles that used "fresh red snapper" luxuriously! Please enjoy the rich fragrance and flavor of red snapper, please enjoy it!

● Long dragonfish crab specialty Kodokendo "Rice thick Ise shrimp soba"
Lively dragons are in Ibaraki prefecture12It is a long-established store tsukemen store that develops stores. We also have sister brands specializing in crustaceans and chickens, including fish pork bone noodles.
A rich thick Ise shrimp white soup which is made by placing a large amount of Ise shrimp head in pure chicken white water. Pouring noodles spreads the taste and fragrance of Ise shrimp into the mouth.

Round 2 September 21 (Fri) - October 4 (Thur)
Chicken soup showdown

● Difficult house "Shinshu chicken white ramen"
Shinshu's treasure, thick chicken white water!!A revolutionary shop that adopted chicken white soup earliest and gained popularity with many media and events! Only chicken breasts16Adopting the finest throat noodles blended with stone ground ground of Hokkaido wheat "Haruyo love" in a creamy concentrated thick chicken soup with a combination of high-grade sectioned time stuff!

● Ramen 's original "Chicken and autumn sword fish's salt ramen"
2009 East Kyoto opened in Itabashi Ward. I won first prize in five television and magazines of that yearSuper power store! Recently it is a famous shop appeared on TV as a side introducing ramen shops. With one cup currently offered at the shop, we finished it as a cup that can only be eaten here.Even though it is clear, please definitely appreciate a deep cup.

Round 3 of October 5 (Friday) to October 18 (Thursday)
Sticking fully packed ramen showdown

● Chinese noodles Mutahiro "Gahaha chicken soba"
Matahiro's popular chicken soba that develops mainly in Tokyo Osaka . It is a cup that you want to drink to soup, such as being selected as a hundred specialty shops at gourmet sites. Unique and unique soup that brings out the flavor of the chicken to its maximum, by matching the sauce that used Noto's supplement to the domestic chicken soup carefully burned. The noodles are original flat noodles of cranberry mochi mochi, and there is no doubt that you will want to eat again!

Crab specialty Kusuke Northern chapter Ramen crossing crab miso ramen
"Ramen shop specialized in crabs" left legend at Tokyo Ramen Street. A shop that you can taste with miso, salt and soy sauce together with a special fragrant soup that used abundant crabs and Sapporo cracked noodles. The compatibility of rich miso soup boasted from a crossing crab and custom-made Sapporo noodles is outstanding. Please appreciate exquisite items that you can enjoy deliciously without leaving a single drop until the end!

Round 4 of October 19 (Friday) to November 4 (Sun)
Umami Ramen Showdown of Condensed Fish

Toyama black noodle house Iroha "Toyama black black soy sauce ramen
A store that became a fire of Toyama black boom. Tokyo It has gained record record in many ramen events including ramen show. Now it is domestic8In addition to shops, even overseas16We are developing stores to promote globalization. Tokyo Ramen Show, we have reached the No. 1 sales number for 5 degrees! ! Soup made with fresh fish and fish sauce fishing in Toyama bay has a deep taste and a mellow finish.

Ramen Nagi "Great boiled rice noodles"
"Those who do not like boiled bowls please withhold." Tokyo Shinjuku Ramen calm making rows at Golden Town every day.I ordered from all over the country20Choose carefully selected dishes more than the type1In the cup70 gAbove-used super rich soup, slowly cooked chilled rice with low temperature cooked and homemade noodles! Please relish!