【Lisa and Gaspard Town】 About stamp card

Lisa and Gaspard Town to take advantage of the benefits you can choose!


For each use in Lisa and each store in Gaspard Town we stamp seal.
Please tell the stamp card to Lisa and Gaspar Town staff.

<The benefits you can choose by using two stores! ! >

<Benefits Contents>
1. Merry-Go-Round Fuji-Q Highland (up to one person)
2. Lisa and Gaspar Town ' Eiffel Tower Carousel ' free (up to 1 person)
3. FUJIYAMA MUSEUM entrance free (up to 2 people)
※ Receipt of 500 yen or more is required
4. Discount on admission of FUJIYAMA ONSEN (up to 5 people)

· It is valid for 2 days from seal of stamp.
· It can not be exchanged for cash, diverted to other services, or combined with other discount tickets.
· It can not be reissued when lost. The stamp is invalid.
· The campaign may end without notice.