7/14 Shivering labyrinth · July 27 Renewal of desperation fortresses opened!

This summer, 4.3 million people shook the "shivering labyrinth" and challenging the impregnable fortress "despairable fortress" evolved further!

Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear ~ accommodating ward story ~

Open on Saturday, July 14Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear ~ accommodating ward story ~

The world's largest Horror Attraction " Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear " is further renovated pursuing fear!

The stage is a waste hospital where there was a "detention ward" that repeatedly conducted human experiments on patients and confined them.
An operating room where the internal organs were taken out alive living from a rampaging patient
Neonatal room with hands on newly born babies
If you pass through many rooms where terrible incidents occurred ...
Beyond that, the underground space that was used as "accommodating ward" expands.

A new story to be delivered by "Shaked Labyrinth" that repeatedly renewed many times in the past, constantly pursuing fear and shaking 4.3 million people.
I am waiting for you wanting to be a trauma.

Desperation Fortress 3
Open on Friday, July 27thDesperation Fortress 3

Since its first appearance in 2012, "desperation fortress" who has been desperate for 1.8 million people as a murrige Attraction that can not be captured 99.9999%
This summer, AI (artificial intelligence) became a full Attraction and full renewal!

The stage is a laboratory converted to a fortress that was hijacked by a runaway AI and no one can enter.
The challenger to stop the movement of the AI ​​"Alcon" that dominates the fortress to regain the laboratory
We have to clear various missions.

It has challenged hopeless fortress so far, only about 6 pairs of 16 people out of about 1.8 million who could completely clear.
Please desperately despair at the desperation fortress 3 which evolves to hopeless difficulty.

We look forward to renewing this popular Attraction in summer!