Water ace

Let's relax relaxingly ♪


  • The scenery point

  • Pounding point

  • Healing point

  • Height restriction

  • age limit

    None * Children younger than primary school students need to be accompanied by a parent or child above junior high school
  • Price

    800 yen
  • Riding capacity

    3 people
  • Time required

    About 15 minutes
Enjoy with pets Available in Rainy Day


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"Water Ace" information

We started sales this year from April 20 (Sat)

■ Capacity: 3 people
※ Pre-school children need to be accompanied by a guardian above junior high school students.
※ You can get in with your pet.

An Attraction rowing boat over a spacious crystal lagoon. Fuji, coasters and Ferris wheels can be relaxed around.

While watching Mt. Fuji with a fine weather, you can refresh your mind and body as you go around the lake at a relaxed pace against the backdrop of Screamer heard from " Takabisha " " DODODONPA ".

Do you enjoy with your family? Do you enjoy with friends? Would you hurry up for a time to talk with important people? Want to spend romantic while watching the illumination inside the park? The way to enjoy it depends on you. You can enjoy it according to your mood and situation.


How to enjoy "Water Ace"

Fuji of great view

Not only get on board, but also just looking at the colorful boat with Mt. Fuji from Lake Crystal Lagoon will make your heart feel relieved.

Night view is also romantic!

Crystal lagoon is lit up when the sun goes down, it is very romantic.

Winter turns into a Ice Skating Rink .