Hakuba and horse-drawn carriage to "fairy tale country"!

Family Rides

  • Rotation point

  • Pounding point

  • Healing point

  • Height Restriction

  • Age Restriction

    None *Children under elementary school must be accompanied by a junior high school student or above
  • Price

    800 yen
  • Riding capacity

    70 people
  • Time required

    2 minutes
Enjoy with pets Available in Rainy Day Available for Handicapped with their Foot Available


" Merry-Go-Round " information

*Preschool children must be accompanied by a junior high school student or above.
*You can ride with your pet. (Additional charges are required for pets)

Forget that this is the foot of Mt. Fuji! The gorgeous world where sighs are leaked unexpectedly, such as the decoration of antique gold and the ceiling wall painting which was elaborately made to detail, is spreading " Merry-Go-Round ".

There are 50 horses in all! There are carriages that can be ridden by four families, horses that can join with lovers, horses that can run side by side with friends on a single rider, and you can enjoy it according to your mood and situation.

Illumination lights from the evening, making the space more romantic and photogenic. Shrill Attraction This is a precious Attraction that gives you a different “throbbing” from the machine.


How to enjoy " Merry-Go-Round "

Fuji-Q Highland 's most confident spot

If you express your feelings with a momentum immersed in a moody world view, the success rate of confession will rise sharply! Couples who are successfully connected are definitely in the lagoon pond near the Merry-Go-Round! At night, it is illuminated with illuminations, creating a very nice atmosphere.

Capture with a smartphone or camera while riding

In the " Merry-Go-Round ", you can take pictures and movies while riding a horse (self-shooting sticks can not be used). If you look back on a piece of realistic feeling after going home, you guarantee that you will be excited again. Fuji is reflected in the daytime on a sunny day, and the light of the illumination is inserted at night, so I can leave a special record.