Mad Mouse

It's cute but it's surprisingly hard !?


  • Nico Nico Point

  • Screamer point

  • Rotation point

  • Height restriction

    110cm ~ ※ ※ 110 ~ 130cm must be accompanied by a guardian of junior high school students or more
  • age limit

    ~ 64 years of age ※ Children younger than primary school students need to be accompanied by a guardian above junior high school
  • Price

    800 yen
  • Riding capacity

    2 people / both
  • Time required



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"Mad · Mouse" information

■ Total length: 343 m
■ Height: 11 m
Number of turns: 20 times
■ Number of dropping: 10 times
※ Children between 110 cm and 130 cm tall must be accompanied by a parent or guardian above junior high school students.

It is a surprisingly hard two-seater coaster, boasting a total length of 343 m, 20 turns and 10 drops, contrary to the colorful and cute appearance.

Just as I was inspired by the movements of agile mice (rats), a series of rapid turns to the right on the right! Whether you cry unexpectedly to intense movements or laugh will not stop, depending on the person riding next!

Speaking of Fuji-Q Highland, a screaming coaster. Why do people trying to aim in there, first riding in this "mad · mouse" and shoulder-in?


How to enjoy "Mad · Mouse"

Ha hoe! Surprisingly hard !?

There is a surprising thrill that sudden move, betraying its appearance. Speed ​​is comfortable, but I can not look down around a sudden turn at a right angle. Even if I knew that the next turn will be bent, the shocked shocks are beyond my control and everyone of the coaster beginners gather at "Mad Mouse"! Just a middle-aged - like expert also to shoulder break in.

Run around and around!

Crawling rails are laid on a square site, and hairpin curves of 90 degrees and 180 degrees are arranged in two places. It is a course design that incorporates drops etc as its connection. As the name suggests, the appearance of traveling across a site that is not wide is like a mouse (mouse)!